I’m not gonna lie, I’m a lover of the fire. Always have been. I’ll never forget the first time I truly “played” with matches though.

My mom was out for dinner, my older sister was at a Robert Plant concert with a guy she really didn’t like and I was at home “doing” my Math 20 homework. I thought lighting a candle might help me focus. Yes, it will.

So I rummaged around the house in search of matches. Found ’em. I looked for a candle and found one in the Hindu altar my parents erected in a very strange attempt to be pious a decade earlier. Perfect. I made my way back up to my room and lit the candle. About 10 minutes later, I got bored again and started to light and extinguish matches just before the little flame would touch my fingernail. I think I was listening to Nirvana. I was living on borrowed angst for sure.

After going through a few matches, I started lighting some scraps of paper on my desk, watching how the edges burned into beautiful shapes. One page turned into a few pages and things were getting pretty hot in my room. Luckily I had a pretty cool looking metal garbage can in my room so I quickly disposed of the ashes in there. Safe, right? Wrong. Before I knew it my entire garbage can was on fire. I’ll be honest, I can’t remember how the hell the entire garbage can caught on fire. Clearly one thing led to another which led to a small fire burning in a metal can beside my desk.

I kind of laughed, but then totally panicked. I tried to pick up the garbage can. Dumb. It was fucking hot. It was metal, of course it was hot. Then I tried to remember the WHMIS lessons from science classes. Should I use baking soda to put this out? Maybe that’s just for chemical fires. Dammit, can’t remember and there’s still a fire burning in my room. Go for water!

Somehow I put the fire out. I don’t remember the exact details anymore. But I do remember thinking maybe I shouldn’t tell my mom and sister about the fire episode. It might freak them out and I might not be allowed to light candles anymore.

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