I was about 17 years old at the time. I lived out on a farm, where there was NO traffic. My mother decided I was old enough to start driving. We had a Mercury Montcalm car, which was about a block long. We had a horseshoe driveway, (which I begged to be allowed to drive around). My Mother said, “Not yet. I just want you to practice going backward and forward to get a feel for the car”. Fair enough. It was a start. So, this I did, happily, for probably about 20 minutes or so. I kept backing up and going forward. This was a piece of cake!! No problem for me!!My mother came outside to see how I was doing. She had a kinda funny look on her face. She said, “I want you to get out on the passenger side, and don’t look. It wasn’t your fault. Don’t look. You couldn’t have known, don’t look”. I could not figure out what the big deal could be. Soooooooo, I got out, and looked. I had run over one of our kittens, many, many, many times. It was flat as a pancake. My Mother said, “You were going so slow he probably thought you weren’t moving”. It was another 13 years before I finally got my driver’s license. I never hit another cat again. (That I’ll admit to)!!

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