There’s a little town outside of Windsor called LaSalle. They were hosting a pro wrestling event featuring The Rock and D-Lo Brown from the WWF. This was about a year or so before he got REALLY big!

Back in the day my brother and I were big into the wrestling thing. Anyhow during intermission of the show The Rock was signing autographs and having photos taken for $5. What I found very cool about The Rock was the way he was dealing with all the young awe struck children, letting them hold the Intercontinental Championship belt and in general being a very easy going and approachable guy.

There managed to be a break where I was able to walk right up to him and shake his hand. I talked with him briefly and said I enjoyed the show he always puts on.

He said thanks alot for watching. It was a cool experience meeting someone you watch on TV every week.

To this day I still regret not having my picture taken with him. How was I to know he would go on to be one of the most famous WWF performers of all time and a big time movie star.

I wish I would have smelled what The Rock was cooking back then and that I would have smacked down that measly $5. ….;-(

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