The first time I climbed a tree you see,
I was very wee (between you and me), oh gee.
I wanted to be so high and mighty
But woe is me, I was too tiny.

The branches were high
“Oh fie!,” I sighed.
I tried and I tried but was still denied.
“Oh my, I wish I could be up so high!”

Then I saw the chain-link fence
That happened to be leaning up against
My tree so, up, up, up I went
Because I sure was hell bent.

I climbed and I climbed and I finally reclined
Between two branches entwined with great big vines.
It was so divine, as sweet as wine,
(Of course I never had any before my time)
To be so close to Cloud Number Nine.

Many people would walk by down below,
And sometimes for fun, I would yell out: “Hello!”
They could hear me but never see me though
Because I was oh, so, incognito.

And even my foes who walked down below
I would say hello but then I would throw
Something that would meet them with a light blow
And they would cry “Oh no!” and off they would go!

So I sat in my tree, you see.
And although I was wee, I felt high and mighty
(between you and me), oh gee.
Me in my tree, acting so silly!

It would be the first of many…

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